two fearless sparrows

Two fearless sparrows, flew so high, Amongst the clouds, no fear to die.. As fear always crept in minds of others, My sparrows did fly, fearless brothers   They did as they liked, flew where they want, Not a single eagle could make them daunt, Destination was the sun, with hue of bright yellow, Even … Continue reading two fearless sparrows


Her Feelings..

Every girl, sometime in her life, questions her gender, questions why she is a girl and why boys get away with things she cant.

My little rose

Bright, tall, proud she stood, My rose, with leaves and tender wood My pride she bore, her petals sweet, She stood in sun, rain and wind.. I cared, watered, we grew together, She shone brighter, never to tether, Delicate little flower, her thorns too little, I nurtured her and kept vigil.. I cared too long … Continue reading My little rose