A world of ironies..

One of the hardest lessons to accept in life is that, no one really matters, you have always been alone in this journey. People you call friends may not give you the same importance that you give them. People who comprise of your family may not value your views as much as you value theirs. … Continue reading A world of ironies..


A letter to my ex..

Hello.. I am nervous and I don't know how to start with this letter. There are so many things I need to tell you, most of which I couldn't tell you in person. I know I've hurt you alot, this was completely unexpected for you. Maybe you were waiting for our two year anniversary even.. … Continue reading A letter to my ex..

Power of truth

Recently, I've been through some ups and downs.. I've committed mistakes I'm not proud of, hurt someone, and finally found someone to love.. But all went well for one reason, I spoke the truth. When you begin a new relationship, when you are willing to build a bridge between you and someone, truth is the … Continue reading Power of truth

How do I love again?

How do I love again? For my love has died.. How can flowers grow back, On the soil that has turned to sand.. Where skeletons are all that's left, And echoes are heard of desperate tries.. Tell me how do I love again?

Midnight thoughts

I wish you get what you try for.. But today I learnt that even after endless tries, If you are still stuck in the same situation, It is time to stop spending energy to move a rock that's never going to move.